Dance in the Rain.
sejak kebelakangan ney
Ahad, 12 Disember 2010 @ Ahad, Disember 12, 2010 | 0 Comment [s]

ak plik la dgn diri ak ney,,
sejak kebelakangan ney,,
ak slalu jer tgok citer korean,,
ak pon x tau naper,,

ad 4 citer ak obses,,


oh my lady,,
tv 8
8.30 pm - 9.30 pm

ak obses mungkin sebab Choi Siwon kot yg berlakon,,


sungkyunkwan scandal
channel 391(astro)
9.03pm - 10.13 pm

yang ney plak maybe sbb Song Junggi yg brlakon,,


the fugitive : plan b
channel 391(astro)
9.03 pm - 10.13 pm

yang ney mabe Rain ngan Daniel Henny yg brlakon,,


cruel love / bad love
channel 391(astro)
10.13 pm - 11.23 pm

yg ney mabe sal Kwon Sang Woo yg brlakon,,

yag ney ak obses giler2,,
smpai nagis2 kediri,,
tadoh r 3 besen pom,,
gerenti xcukup,,

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